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Meeting Someone

The desire to love and be loved is inherent in each of us. HIV-infected people are no exception. They may even be more than the others, they need attention and care, a feeling next to a soul mate who will understand everything, will not judge and will always be there. If he or she has the same health problems, then it is easier to deal with any worries and anxieties together. There are not many opportunities for people with HIV to communicate with people like them. There are not many places where they can meet, meet, make plans for life. People with HIV are no different from others, many of them are also interesting and romantic. Only maybe on the qualities of their personality lies the imprint of deep inner drama. They really need a partner who will understand them and will not judge them. With whom you can talk heart to heart, calmly discuss the problems associated with the disease. Well, and who can better understand a person with HIV, if not as infected? Therefore, people are looking for ways and opportunities to meet, find a friend, partner for life, with the same problem. HIV dating online can help solve these questions.

Web resource for HIV dating

Since, in our society, because of the fear of being completely isolated, it is not customary to talk openly about your illness, many HIV-positive people do not even know how many people are around like them. The problem is how to find each other. The HIV dating sites, designed for people with hepatitis specifically, HIV and AIDS, is an ideal option. It's even easier to meet and meet in real life. Here you can find new friends, meet your future husband or wife. A serious website designed to create a family offers to fill out a detailed questionnaire where you need to not only tell about yourself, but frankly notify about your other diseases. It's not a secret that many people with HIV also have Hepatitis C.

Pos singles sites provide an opportunity to get rid of loneliness, live a rich life, meet new friends, spend time together, travel. HIV infection is not a sentence at all! Familiarity with HIV infected to create a family is very real. If you feel lonely, if there are problems with communication, if you want to find new friends or meet love, do not give up and look for your soulmate at aids dating site.


The diagnosis of HIV infection can be a serious blow to self-esteem. We do not sleep at night, painfully reflecting on how to talk about our HIV status, and whether our next guy will not be another disappointment because of the outdated idea of ​​what it means to live with HIV.

Disclosing status is a very intimate thing. You do not go and do not tell everyone you meet that you have HIV. The success of comfortable disclosing your HIV status depends on how you tell him about this very personal. It is important to feel confident and not to be afraid, so that your partner also feels confident and is able to perceive information about HIV status normally. It depends on how exactly the other person will respond to this news.

Disclosure of status will be more comfortable for you if you start to trust another person. Be sure to find out beforehand that this person knows or does not know about HIV so that you have the necessary information. Everyone must have someone who can talk about the difficult moments of their lives. Think about it, who will tell about your infection. You should remember that the news of an infection can be a shock to friends and loved ones. They will also need to deal with this in their own way. If you have no symptoms or few of them, then it’s not at all necessary to talk about your infection, for example, to your employer. Infection does not interfere with work, study or hobbies.

All HIV-infected people at different periods of their life may be faced with the question of whether to tell their close ones about their infection.

Who exactly to say? What to say? Which will be the reaction?

Because of ignorance and fear of becoming a keynote to talk about your HIV infection, it may seem scary. This is a natural feeling, since it is never known in advance how others will react. Sometimes HIV-infected people think that they have to tell everyone about it. Not really. There are certain people whom you can tell - these are sexual partners and those with whom you shared injecting supplies. You may also want to tell your doctors about this, so that they know what drugs you use and what health problems to look for. But you are not required to inform your employer, neighbors, all friends, family and bus driver about this. This is your business to whom you will tell. It is good if someone from close friends or family members know - this way you have someone to talk with about what is happening, especially when you are sad or depressed. It is also good if you have someone to help you take medications and remember the time of your visits to the doctor.

Sometimes your family members and friends can be depressed when they hear about your infection. Often this is due to the fact that they associate HIV infection with death. Often it is you who must be strong for your friends and family and help them cope with this information. If you decide to take medications and maintain a healthy lifestyle, then after a while they will realize that you can live with HIV infection for a long time. Then they can be your reliable support.

The way of behaving

If you decide to tell a friend or family member, then you should have some materials for them about HIV. After they get used to the new information, they can read them. Remember that many people may have received inaccurate or incomplete information about HIV infection and believe what is not true. It is important to give them the correct data so that they can learn more about HIV and help you. In this way, they will realize that they are not at risk of getting HIV from you, unless they have unprotected sex with you or they share syringes.

Such a conversation will help preliminary training. For example, if someone becomes annoyed and starts crying, becomes angry and starts screaming, you, in turn, cannot be irritated or scream in response. People in such a situation sometimes speak as they really don't think - try to understand that people can behave in this way because of fear. Sometimes people need time to understand what this situation means to them. If a person talks about his HIV infection, then someone from family members or friends can understand that they must also be tested for HIV. If you have a good relationship with this person, you can offer to go together to take a test for HIV infection. You yourself have done this before and now you can support your loved ones.

Tell Before Sex

By partners, we understand those people with whom you had sexual contact and / or with whom you used needles and syringes. Chatting with them is an important and correct way to behave. Having a previous / previous partner / partners does not mean that they have become infected, but it is possible. Therefore, it is very important to think over with whom it is necessary to talk. If they find out that they may have come into contact with HIV, they can go and take an HIV test, as well as pass other necessary tests. If they get an infection, they will be able to get medical attention before the symptoms appear. If you came into contact with HIV through any person, would you prefer to know about it then? If a person does not know that he can be HIV-infected, he can infect many others. Talking with a partner / partners can save not only their health, but also the health of others. If you decide that you want to tell your / your partner / partners, first ask your doctor or consultant how to do this.

Talking to someone else can help you come up with the best way to tell your partner about it. Sometimes it’s hard to tell people they need to get tested for HIV, maybe you want someone to help you. For example, you might want a friend, consultant, doctor or nurse to be with you at the time you talk with a partner. Experienced psychologists of HIV dating community  will teach you how to behave.

Tell yourself or entrust this task to the doctor?

If you yourself want to inform your partners, this is also good. If you think that you yourself can not tell your partner, then the doctor can do it instead of you. If you give the names and contact details of your partners, the doctor will contact them and inform them that they may have come into contact with HIV infection. The doctor will advise them to take an HIV test and provide data on where and when, close to their place of residence, they can be tested for HIV. Your doctor will not disclose your name. Remember, telling a partner is your decision, and no one can force you to do this. At the same time, this is the right behavior, and on the basis of the law, it is possible to punish those who intentionally infect others.

What needs to be remembered and how to plan everything before you tell someone about your HIV infection?

  1. Weigh the pros and cons before telling your loved ones or partner about your infection;

  2. Get information about HIV so you can answer questions;

  3. Decide whether you want to tell yourself or ask someone (doctor, consultant, friend, etc.) to help you;

  4. Find the right time so that you don’t have to hurry, and you can talk thoroughly if necessary;

  5. Find a suitable place where you can be alone so that no one bothers you;

  6. Plan what and how you will talk;

  7. Prepare for a possible reaction so that you yourself will not lose your temper or become annoyed;

  8. Find help and support for the future if your family or partner wants to get more detailed advice or needs it.

HIV Dating Tips

  • Imagine that nothing can fundamentally affect your partner’s decision;

  • On the other hand, the sooner you discuss everything related to your status, the more time and freedom your partner will have in order to sensibly evaluate his willingness to risk his feelings or health for the sake of continuing the relationship;

  • The issue of HIV status, raised at the initial stage of relationship development, can help you and your partner build trust with each other;

  • One study showed that 70% of HIV-positive individuals who disclose their HIV status have become even closer than before. So that such a difficult experience, as the disclosure, has its advantages;

  • There is no guarantee that disclosure of HIV status will lead to a positive result. There is always a risk of being rejected, but you need to learn to recognize that this risk is part of the life of HIV - positive, and other people should be allowed to give up their relationship with you, regardless of the reason they do it. Perhaps you just have not met the right person visiting dating sites for people with HIV.

Having children - more than real

Couples in which one partner is infected with HIV are called discordant. HIV infection can only be transmitted from the mother. Therefore, if there is an HIV-positive father in a couple, then an infected child can be born only if the mother becomes infected. There are several ways to have a healthy baby. If the father is HIV-positive, there is a special service in all medical centers: cleaning the sperm from HIV. This is not so difficult: the viruses are fairly light, and the sperm are large and heavy. Therefore, if you just centrifuge sperm with the addition of certain substances, the spermatozoa, roughly speaking, will sink to the bottom, and the viruses will float at the top. Then the lower layer of sperm is collected with a pipette and checked for the presence of viruses there. If the analysis is negative, then these spermatozoa can be administered to a woman with a syringe, as is done in artificial insemination. The probability of becoming pregnant after this procedure is the same as after normal sexual intercourse.

If a woman is HIV-positive, then, of course, she needs to take drugs to make the virus little defined. If the virus cannot be suppressed, then a cesarean section is performed before the onset of labor. This also reduces the risk of transmission of the virus to the child, but this method is only for situations where it was not possible to suppress the virus therapy. The newborn will also take medications. Since breast milk is contagious, an HIV-positive woman needs to breastfeed her baby, but with milk formulas that the clinic provides for free.

Other Dating Issues for People Living with HIV

One of the main problems of any first date is a feeling of stiffness, especially for HIV dating. When people have little or no knowledge of each other, it is very difficult to overcome. It is difficult to choose a common topic for conversation, to find the right course of action. To cope with this problem will help a properly organized date. If you think over everything well and plan it so that the question of what to do during a date doesn’t arise.

Your meeting will probably be successful

  • First of all, it is worth refusing to visit places where you will have nothing to do. These include such ideal, but only at first glance, meeting places like a cafe and a restaurant. Think about what you will do there? You will have to talk about something constantly. Of course, if you are soul mates with a gay and you have a lot in common, it’s not a problem to find topics interesting for two. However, this does not happen so often. In most cases, when talking to unfamiliar people, especially if they are worried, conversations come to a standstill, there are a lot of awkward pauses;

  • Then where to invite liked person? In fact, the choice is not so small. For example, you can go bowling. Almost everyone likes this game, but even beginners will be able to master it pretty quickly. In addition, the bowling club is a public institution, so you don’t have to be alone with a stranger, which can sometimes be unsafe;

  • Another good idea for HIV dating - a visit to the master class. Joint work brings people very close, and this is one of your goals. Master classes can pick up a variety of. Making chocolates is a good choice. Such a meeting will be not only dynamic and fun, but also quite romantic and will certainly lead to the first kiss;

You can also hold a date in the amusement park, dolphinariums, on the rollerdrome. And in order for the dating someone with HIV succeed and please both, if there is an opportunity, you should learn about the hobbies and preferences of your opponent.

The best remedy is a condom

Organizing a romantic HIV dating is not so difficult. Doing this is worth taking into account the preferences of your second half, because your ideas about romance may well differ. For example, a dinner on the rooftop recommended by many glossy magazines may be hopelessly spoiled if it turns out that your partner is afraid of heights. There are plenty of options for having a romantic date. The ideas of some of them are extremely simple and will not require much effort from you. In any case, the first thing to take care of during positive dating - is protection.

Contraceptives, where there is a barrier, prevent infection. For example, condoms, with proper use of which the risk of infection is zero. There are other methods of protection that are not as effective as a condom, but they dramatically reduce the risk of infection. For example, the use of drugs. If a person with HIV infection is undergoing antiretroviral therapy, then the amount of virus in all biological fluids is dramatically reduced: in the blood, in semen, in vaginal fluid. Thus, an HIV-positive person becomes much less contagious.

Final thoughts

Not always people have the opportunity to speak openly with a partner. Nowadays, people are rapidly moving from a first HIV positive dating to sex, and for HIV-positive people this can be a challenge.

If you are HIV positive, then your status as if encourages you to tell the most significant things about yourself at an early stage of a relationship. HIV -  negative person can set aside their "skeletons in the closet" before the relationship becomes truly close. And your "plus" immediately becomes the head of the relationship, and not the fact that you will be comfortable to balance on such a shaky foundation. In this case, it will be easier for you to pave the way for your relationship first, and then go to HIV.

#1 Positive Singles 5 Stars

Top Rated Positive Singles

Among all the hiv dating sites Positive Singles is arguably the #1 site for people who are living with HIV / AIDS and want to share life or find love with others in a similar circumstance. started in 2001, has been in the online STD dating business for over 16 years. This is a warm-hearted and exclusive community for singles and friends with HIV / AIDS. It has the largest users base among all the hiv dating sites. You are likely to find more people with hiv than rest of hiv dating sites.

#2 POZ Personals 3 Stars

POZ Personals

POZ is an online HIV website that offers treatment updates and news, a mentoring program, community forums, blogs, social network, and a personal dating forum for people living with HIV and AIDS or people affected by loved ones with HIV and AIDS. POZ also has a magazine that is distributed to organizations and doctors’ offices that discuses treatment issues, prevention, and support.

The POZ Personals is an online dating site that has over 150,000 members, and is for HIV positive singles. The POZ Personals is free to join. POZ offers a premium membership level. It will cost $9.99 per month.The premium membership gives you more benefits, which include send nlimited message sending and receive messages from premium members.

#3 POZ Match 2 Stars

POZ Match

Poz Match began in 1998, for HIV positive dating area, it has long history. You can join the site with basic membership to access most services on the site. For more service, you should upgrade to gold membership.

Poz Match numbers may be small in comparison to other hiv positive dating sites, they did not promote it's sevice for lots of years.

#4 HIV Passions 1 Star

HIV Passions

HIV Passions is one of the best free HIV dating and social networking sites for HIV positive singles. The most impressive feature of this site is that it’s completely free.

But HIV Passions does not check or block the person’s profile from search engines and your information might be shared with all the other dating sites that are present on the Passions network,so be careful to check other members’ information with your own judgement.There is no customer service at this website too.